Social Responsibilities

Guangdong Guanghua Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.,as one of the leading company in specialty chemical industry, insist on taking the responsibility for the employees, consumers, society and environment, to realize the core values of joint development with the customers, suppliers, employees and society, the same time as creating profits and taking responsible for the shareholders.

What we have done

1. Insist on operating in accordance with the law and do the best on company’s credit system construction.
2. Constantly improve and standardize the internal control structure and the operation, protect the shareholders' interests.
3. Actively build harmonious labor relations with employees, including occupational health and safety, training and development, etc.
4. With the guide of customer’s demand, effectively improve product quality and service levels.
5. Striving to build a top-class procurement and supply chain system with the principles of sharing benefit and risk, developing together,
6. Adhere to the Scientific Concept of Development, efforts to improve energy-saving technologies and equipment to achieve cleaner production and environmental protection.
7. Actively participate in social welfare undertakings and explore the road to repay the society.

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