• >> Electronic Chemicals

    JHD has High Purity Electronic grade and Electroplating grade chemical compounds of Copper, Nickel, Tin and Cobalt. Our key products includes Copper oxide, Copper sulfate, Cupric chloride, Cupric pyrophosphate, Copper nitrate, Nickel sulfamate, Nickel sulfate…

  • >> Chemical Reagents

    JHD has various specifications (includes Primary reagent, Spectral pure, Chromatographic pure, Guaranteed reagent, Analytic reagent, Chemical pure and Laboratory reagent) chemical reagents. With over 1300 products and 2500 specifications that can be widely used in the production and research of industries such as electronics, food, medication, daily chemicals, etc.

  • >> Food Additives

    HD main products includes Citrate salt, Phosphate salt, Carbonate salt and Acetic acid glacial,etc. JHD strictly enforce national standards to guarantee the stable quality, batch consistence and safety of the products.

  • >> Pharmaceutical Raw Drugs

    JHD main products includes Bismuth subnitrate, Bismuth molybdate, Bismuth subcarbonate, Bismuth citrate, Bismuth nitrate pentahydrate, Bismuth trioxide, Bismuth trichloride,etc. The quality , efficacy and safty of JHD product can be ensured.

  • >> Ceramic Chemicals

    JHD has Ceramic additives, Penetrant, Special dry grain, Frit, Ink-jet printing glaze etc. full set of glaze products. JHD is committed to improving the performance of ceramic in order to create more value for customers in ceramic industry.

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